That is a project I designed when I was in master class called “cell air” sneaker.

At the beginning I was only want to transform the air midsole, and later I got some inspiration from the structure of the cell. The cell is pretty small, but it can become different human organ, if you stacking and recombination the cells. And different organ can have different functions. Nowadays the air midsole of sneakers becomes bigger, that makes me start to think can I consider that from a new perspective. Make the air midsole smaller and during the different permutation and combination to let them appear a new form and new experience of wearing.

First I drew some sketches, it helps me to find something that has the same structure, like pomegranate.

And I was to move forward a single step of my sketches. I started to think can different size causes different effects to feet. 

Then I started to design the outlook for the sneaker.

During the step of creating prototypes, I use resin as experiment material to create a model. But unfortunately  the model failed due to some missing details.

Some of my classmates suggested that I can just do it with 3d print.

I finally got some samples, and I tested them for elastic force and support ability.

Because each person has different shape of feet, so it has different require of cushioning. We designed a simple formula though grasshopper for design a suitable cellar midsole for everyone else. 

That is final model.

And this is a video of model design process.

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