airbag 720

Because I love all series of nike air max. So air bag is always be my favorite thing to go though deeper. I cut a airmax 95 when I was thinking how can make air bag be different and better. I found midsole needs something else to support.  So I raised a point, is there anyway to design a air bag midsole with no extra support material. 

It comes an idea with using plastic bottle as a sample of experiment:I put air valve of a basketball in my bottle, and pumping this bottle to make it bulging. I took it as my air midsole and tie it up with my feet and I ran a series of sport test. At the end, I found the bottle with thick plastic stay the same with no damage.  Therefore I found if the wrappage of air bag is strong enough, the air bag midsole desen’t need any other support material. 

Then I start to draw some sketches of sneaker outside look and build 3d model with rhino. With helping of my perfesser, I made the first model with resin. It all quiet good and it is a vary valuable experience. But unfortunatelly Nike published Vapor Max before I was going do more tests. The Nike Vapor Max proved that the air bag can support an entire human body without any support materials. 

This year Nike published Air Max 720 which is using the same idea. It is an honor that I and Nike are thinking the same thing but it also regrets me a little. When I was in a design competition from Nike in April.2018, I had my honor to meet Jesi, a designer from Nike. She designed Nike air max 720, we talked a lot about my design which is the one of the most amazing experiences.  Below is the video about the process of making my model.

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